Thursday, 27 November 2008

Rain Stops Play

Over the summer my work was featured in a lovely new gallery down the road from me.... it was the first time in ages that I had gone in somewhere with my jewellery to see if they would like to take it. The owner loved it, and I sold a fair bit of stuff. Which was nice.

I finally got around to re-stocking my selection, and tonight the gallery is having a wee open night. Kind of a pre Christmas thingy. I was meant to go but have been working all day and I'm knackered. Plus it's raining.... I'm not in the best of moods to chat with folk I don't really know. I love going along to these things when I'm a bit more with it, but the way I'm feeling just now I might just come across as a grumpy, reclusive designer. And that's not really me.

Nothing ever sells at open nights though, it's more of a drink-as-much-free-wine-as-you-can affair (remind me why I'm not going?!) and all the local gallleries are participating, so I suspect there will be quite a lot of in jokes and ego rubbing between the gallery owners who all know each other.

So I hope I don't miss anything good.... I always feel like that when I choose not to go out. Like everyone is having loads of fun and I'm a fool to miss out. Ho hum. Can't do it all.

Anyway, I hope it goes well....

I think her website is a little in need of updating....

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Renee said...

in jokes and elbow rubbing... barf. I don't blame you for staying home!