Thursday, 21 August 2008

When I Was Little....

There is a topic at Etsybloggers this month for one of the Blog Carnivals to write about something you did as a child and will always remember. I very much remember this one event which involved me being rather naughty but weirdly my parents don't remember it at all.....

They have a photo of me which is black and white and I am looking all cute and grumpy sitting on my tricycle. I have a stripy top on and the same haircut as the picture above. My parents think this is an amusing photo where I look all stroppy, but I totally remember why and they don't.

My parents live a fairly big town house with a garden out back. The garden leads out from the basement so if you are in their bedroom you are three floors up and looking out over the back garden. One summer (oh those glorious hot and hazy chidlhood summers) they had friends round and there were lots of people chilling out in the garden. I was inside mooching about possible having a teddy bears tea party and exploring.

I was in my parents bedroom and the window was open. On the dresser was a jar of Vicks Vaporub; one of those dark blue glass jars with a green lid. I vividly remember wondering what would happen if I threw if out the window.... so I did. Why?! I really think I wanted to know if it would smash. It did. And I got a big telling off. Which is why I am looking grumpy in the photo.

I love the fact that they don't remember me doing that.

Unfortunately I don't have that photo on my 'pooter, so I have posted one of me and my brother instead.

Idle Time On Flickr

1. Intentando Tocarse.. 2. DSCF1790 3. Latte 4. Bee's" Pad

I was just pootering about on flickr, creating mosaics and thought this was rather nice. Photos all taken from my flickr faves.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Etsy Blogger Of The Month

Over at Esty Bloggers there is a new blogger of the month... The supreme title goes to TuLips Treasure Box. She has a real eclectic mix of jewellery and a few other lovely accessories. Here is her shop Tulips Treasure Box and her blog TuLips Talking. Go see and enjoy!

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Boo! My latest batch of cupcakes didn't work. I mean, they taste really REALLY good, but I used my silicone baking tray and I think the cakes were a little too moist to remove successfully. So I kind of had to take them out in bits and reconstruct them. The red icing however, is a delight. Proper lovely.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Botanical Garden in My Home....

Phew.... I don't have an invasion of triffids in my bedroom. The aloe 'growth' was a flower, and a rather groovy one at that. It's fading now but did last a few weeks.... I captured it at it's best. Now, do I cut the long stem off once the flower has died, or do I leave it? Any botanists out there - your advice please!