Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Poorly Camera

Well, the camera is ok, but the memory card has bit the dust. I'm sad. I had things I really wanted to take a photo of and write a post about.

I'm gonna write a list so I don't forget....

1. My new haircut
2. Camo Cat
3. My new dress
4. Jewellery in progress
5. Presents that my mum & dad brought me back from New York
6. Belated birthday present from Lorraine

On the plus side, I had a fab weekend! We went to watch Back to the Future at the outdoor cinema they had set up in town! (Edinburgh, Scotland.... not too warm....) We took sarnies and wine and pop corn and cheered lots at our favourite bits. Great scott!

And on Sunday I went for tea at my folks and ate outside which felt all summery and lovely. They told me stories of their trip to New York which sounded great, and showed me their photos... cue lots of cute shots of my mum with a skyscraper backdrop.

And I have booked Eurostar tickets for our France trip later this year. Carbon neutral holiday here I come! (Well, not totally carbon neutral, but oodles better than flying...)

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