Monday, 2 June 2008


Silly Face

Stoopid Face

Greasy Spoon Heaven

Eggs & Mushrooms

THE Tickets

So really what I should show is photos of Bruce Springsteen, but given that it was a staduim gig he was about the size of a raisin, I got no photos of him.

The concert was AMAZING. I know that I said he was the size of a raisin, but there were big screens and he's bloody good at what he does so it was all loud and fun and exciting. He played loads of my favourite songs and pulled proper rock-god moves. I am quite geeky about music, but not geeky enough to write out the set list... suffice to say he did 10th Avenue Freeze Out, Born To Run and She's The One....

The rest of the trip mainly consisted of shopping, drinking and eating. And Manchester is filled with great shops, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants so all of the above were easily had in large quantities. And very good quality too.

We found THE best greasy spoon (see eggs on toast above) called the Abergeldie cafe, which I think everyone who visits Manchester should make a pilgrimage to. I bought a FAB dress, possibly a photo to come and went to LOADS of record shops.

The weather was great and we wandered.... which is just the loveliest thing to do on holiday.

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