Thursday, 26 June 2008

Detective Chocolate

Oh joy! My brother went to Croatia and brought me back this excellent chocolate bar. My family know me so well, bring me back amusingly titled candy from far off lands and I will be happy. This one is going in the keeper jar.... with all my other comedy sweeties. I very carefully opened it, extracted the chocolate bar and resealed the package. No one will ever know. It was just like a Toblerone. Yum.

Camera back in action. Phew. I bought a new memory card and the guy in the shop acted like I was a total fool when I said that the old one had broken. He had a look at my camera and found out that I was, in fact, right. Not just a pretty face my friend.

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose said...

thats a great name for a chocolate bar! my mom would love it lol and you can't really go wrong at getting chocolate as a gift :D