Sunday, 25 May 2008

Settling Dust

The dust has settled. Literally. All over everything I own. The flat is a bloody dustbowl. Our hallway is being decorated. So here is a lovely photo I took the other day, because I definitely need something nice to look at.

This is the cumulation of two weeks of my life not being like my normal one and I am greatly looking forward to the dust settling for good. And being able to wipe it away.

1. I had to work two 6 day weeks in a row covering my managers holiday. Ugh. (Cer-ching on the money front though)

2. I got entirely fed up of the room we were using as a combined jewellery/music/computer den. Much as it was a great idea to have a dedicated 'creation suite' there was just too much stuff and not enough space and I could never really make it a homely and a proper place to create. So I moved out and took over the living room. Richie now has a the whole room to himself and I have a place to dump his shoes when he leaves them in my way.

3. This meant me investing in a laptop so I didn't have to go in that room at all, even to use the computer. So I bought one. (Yay - using it right now! Beautiful shiny new toy) I bought it online so waited a week for it to arrive and it was totally worth it. We also had to set up a wireless wotsit - which was a total palava.

4. The decorators came to sort out our hallway. (Big ole leak a few months ago which left the walls water damaged, and the landlord has only just got around to sorting out) This is great as the flat will be so much nicer, but in the meantime, there is dust.

5. Due to all the changes I have been declutter-clearout-charity shop giver queen and that has kept me very occupied.

All of the above have meant that I just haven't been blogging or designing in the last two weeks, so if you missed me shout 'YEAH!'.

On Tuesday we are going to Manchester for a few days, by which time the decorating will be finished and life can resume as normal.

We're going to see Bruce Springsteen in Manchester. I might pee my pants with excitement.

Anywhere good to go in Manchester that you would recommend?


mary jane said...

i love that pic! hope things get back to normal for you..
mary jane

anne said...

I love the name "Creation Suite" as opposed to craft room!

KiWi said...

that picture is making me thirsty.

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I don't know Manchester, but I'll be there this summer so I'll be curious to know if you found any great places there.

A Print A Day said...

oh wow! i hear bruce springsteen is excellent live! i've never seen him perform live, so that's so awesome you get to see him!