Saturday, 31 May 2008


So before I tell you about Bruce Springsteen, let me tell you about Monotonix. Chronologically they came first....

We have never been to Manchester so decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end and got a cab miles away from our hotel to see Monotonix who we had heard were great and happened to be playing the first night we got there. Ace.

When we looked online to find the venue it seemed that it was a Turkish restaurant, which seemed odd, but two sources confirmed this so who were we to question the fact? I don't think the place had updated their website in a while because while it had the look of a neon fronted kebab cafe, inside it was a grimy music den, with a fab balcony to sit and drink Red Stripe on.

There was, like, 30 people there (of whom a third were probably with the two support acts) but that didn't stop Monotonix doing their thing. Hell no.

I have been trying for ages to think of how to describe this gig well enough to full convey the sheer excitement of it, and it's hard, but I'm gonna try....

They played in the middle of the room, they moved the drum kit and played at the side of the room, they moved the drum kit and played on the bar (see pictures above). They never stopped playing while they did this. I was in complete fear of getting man-handled/spat on/dragged to the floor and unashamedly used my boyfriend as a shield from the crazy Israeli dudes.

The singer hung out the window. He tied his microphone cord around the drummers neck and then dragged him off his stool and pulled him around the venue - the drummer kept playing. The drums were on fire - literally. He emptied bins from the bathroom over everyone. He stole the ice bucket from behind the bar. He invited fans to pour beer down his trousers. He used the bin bag to asphyxiate the guitarist. All the time they were playing amazing fast minimalist dirty rock.

It was intense, exciting, exhillarating, scary, fun, messy. And one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

And on the way back we hailed a cab, and the same guy who brought us down there happened to pick us up. I thought that was well spooky.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Tiddly Ramblings....

It's 11.50pm. I'm half packed to go away tomorrow. And half cut on vodka & apple juice.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! Freakin' awesome.

Just wanted to remind you all....

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Settling Dust

The dust has settled. Literally. All over everything I own. The flat is a bloody dustbowl. Our hallway is being decorated. So here is a lovely photo I took the other day, because I definitely need something nice to look at.

This is the cumulation of two weeks of my life not being like my normal one and I am greatly looking forward to the dust settling for good. And being able to wipe it away.

1. I had to work two 6 day weeks in a row covering my managers holiday. Ugh. (Cer-ching on the money front though)

2. I got entirely fed up of the room we were using as a combined jewellery/music/computer den. Much as it was a great idea to have a dedicated 'creation suite' there was just too much stuff and not enough space and I could never really make it a homely and a proper place to create. So I moved out and took over the living room. Richie now has a the whole room to himself and I have a place to dump his shoes when he leaves them in my way.

3. This meant me investing in a laptop so I didn't have to go in that room at all, even to use the computer. So I bought one. (Yay - using it right now! Beautiful shiny new toy) I bought it online so waited a week for it to arrive and it was totally worth it. We also had to set up a wireless wotsit - which was a total palava.

4. The decorators came to sort out our hallway. (Big ole leak a few months ago which left the walls water damaged, and the landlord has only just got around to sorting out) This is great as the flat will be so much nicer, but in the meantime, there is dust.

5. Due to all the changes I have been declutter-clearout-charity shop giver queen and that has kept me very occupied.

All of the above have meant that I just haven't been blogging or designing in the last two weeks, so if you missed me shout 'YEAH!'.

On Tuesday we are going to Manchester for a few days, by which time the decorating will be finished and life can resume as normal.

We're going to see Bruce Springsteen in Manchester. I might pee my pants with excitement.

Anywhere good to go in Manchester that you would recommend?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Silver Jews Rock

Last weekend was AWESOME! On Friday I went though to Glasgow to see The Silver Jews who are my most favouritist band just now. The gig was fantastic, but my camera ran out of power so no photos of Dave & Cassie. However, I bought a t-shirt so here's a photo of me about to go to bed in it.

On Saturday I went to see Skeleton Bob who are also amazing. And my boyfriend plays the bass with them. I saw lots of my lovely friends and drank cans of Red Stripe.

On Sunday I went for luch with my mum and bought a new jacket.

In all a top weekend.

Now I have to work ALL WEEK. Which is bad. Poor me. 2 days down, 4 to go.

So I am very busy, but will get back on track with the guess-the-plant-competition next week. (I am taking photos as they grow)

Friday, 9 May 2008


Cake. I want cake.

Roll on 6 o'clock.

Carrot. Definitely.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mystery Growing Things....

I found some seeds lying around and decided to plant them. As opposed to eating them, which was probably the better decision. I think I shall catalogue their growth over the next few weeks and let you know how they are getting on....

Even better, I'm not gonna tell you what they are. There are two different types of plant-y thing. Oooo lets have a competition! SUCH fun. I will take photos as they start growing and the first person to get both correct will win.

I'm not sure what you'll win yet. But I will think of something. So get guessing. And possibly also start suggesting prizes.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Broken Van...

Everytime I walk home from work I see this van and I have been meaning to take a photo of it for ages. It's a little beat up old VW camper and the sticker on the back is great. I don't know if it's genuine (I hope so) or a joke, but either way it makes me laugh.

On Sunday evening I went out for a few drinks with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time. I walked home after feeling like I had been on the best 1st date ever. I forgot how well we get on and how much being with good friends can make you feel so good. YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Blogger Glitch...

Hmmm, that's strange. Someone pointed out to me that they were unable to leave comments on the last post (Crime Isn't Funny). Dunno what happened there. But you seem to be able to leave comments on this post. So if you were itching to comment on the last post, do it here!