Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Jewellery Extraordinaire!

I would like to proudly show you the work of a fellow etsian - Robin Lynne. This girl has a fabulous way with colour, and browsing her shop is a lovely way to pass time. Her shop is beautiful and hangs together really well. Plus the jewellery she makes is gorgeous and covetable!

And as if that's not enough, she is also a great photographer, blogs AND has her own website. So three cheers for Robin and her wonderful creative life! Plus you gotta love a girl who has named her camera 'Sprinkles'. How fab is that?! Now go shop....


Gallery Juana said...

robinlynne is nice. She did my banner that I use for my etsy shop and blog.

polkadot, your cone drop earrings are so cute!

Robin Lynne said...


I have a polaroid camera named Louise too :X

Wonderful blog you've got (and not just 'cause I'm featured in it!)

decadentdiamond said...

Yes I was just about to say her images are fantastic, very enticing!